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Tirzepatide is offered at Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor by the weight loss specialist doctor Sue Decotiis, MD. Tirzepatide is commonly prescribed by the best in class triple board certified medical weight loss physician at Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor located in Southampton, New York. As the generic counterpart to the brand name peptide therapy, Mounjaro®, Tirzepatide is known for its ability to be compounded, unlike Mounjaro.

Tirzepatide stands out from other FDA-approved medical weight loss / peptide therapy treatments due to its ability to be customized to meet each patient’s unique anatomical needs and desired weight loss outcome.

I am extremely grateful for having found Dr Sue and Julie! With their guidance I have dropped my body fat percentage, BMI, lost over 30 pounds, and maintained overall muscle mass. If you are someone who has struggled with weight loss just follow the weight loss program created for you by Dr Sue.  highly suggest you book your appointment. ~ YELP

The medical weight loss team at the Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor is committed to providing patients with individualized peptide therapy treatments that are safe, effective, and reflect each individual’s weight loss goals. Individuals in generally good health who are committed to losing weight through physician-assisted peptide therapy coupled with routine exercise and a healthy diet are typically candidates for Tirzepatide. All medical weight loss therapies offered at the Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor are supervised by a licensed physician to ensure safe / effective post-treatment results.

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We frequently treat patients from Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Hampton Bays, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Watermill, Southampton, West Hampton, and Quogue. Chances are that if you know someone who has undergone medical weight loss in the Hamptons, on Long Island or in New York – we have treated him or her.

  • Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor also treats teens. It is required that the parent be present for the consultation.

Our best in class triple board certified medical weight loss doctor and her dedicated team of nutritionists offer the revolutionary, FDA-approved peptide-based therapy, Tirzepatide for individuals seeking effective weight loss. Tirzepatide works in a duel capacity to achieve two goals: (1) decrease appetite (2) increase satiety (feeling fuller / content with consuming less food). Coupled with regular exercise and a balanced diet, individuals can expect to achieve significant weight loss in a much more attainable way. Peptide therapy for medical weight loss with the Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor (Southampton, NY) is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and it is important for patients to closely follow the doctor’s prescribed regiment for optimal results.

Reduced hunger and desires for unhealthy foods are among the main advantages of Tirzepatide. Tirzepatide can indicate to the brain that the body is full by triggering the GLP-1 hormone, which can help lessen the desire to overeat. Additionally, it may make you feel more satisfied after eating, which may encourage you to eat less overall. Tirzepatide has been demonstrated to increase metabolism and encourage fat reduction in addition to its appetite-suppressing effects. It can encourage the body to burn fat for energy rather than store it by activating GLP-1. This may hasten weight loss and enhance general health.

Specialty compounding pharmacies generally create customized pharmaceuticals like Tirzepatide that are much more tolerated, more effective, and have fewer adverse effects. Medication from big pharma only comes in a few dosages, “one size fits all”. Many people require a dosage in between, which is why our specialty practice in the Hamptons offers Tirzepatide. The top-notch NYC weight reduction specialist doctor can design compound drugs for oral administration beneath the tongue, as in the case of Semaglutide, in addition to injection. Additionally, compounded medications can be made to include additional ingredients to reduce adverse effects and absorption, such as different peptides.

During your initial Tirzepatide consultation with the best in class triple board certified physician at the Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor in Southampton, NY, you will discuss your post-treatment goals with the doctor and she will explain each aspect of your customized medical weight loss treatment. Each patient works individually with the doctor to actualize weight loss goals through customized treatment plans and routine check-ins. You will also have the opportunity to speak with the triple board certified doctor one-on-one to go over any questions or concerns you may have about Tirzepatide or peptide therapy for medical weight loss.

It is Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor and Sue Decotiis, MD’s commitment to her medical weight loss patients that has earned her the reputation of being one of the Hampton’s top medical weight loss doctors. Hamptons Medical Weight Loss Doctor specializes in taking exceptional care of each weight loss patient from the initial consultation to the successful completion of each individual’s weight loss program. The honor and privilege of caring for patients comes with the responsibility and dedication of the doctor’s staff to the utmost standard of excellence in patient care and final weight loss outcome.

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To provide a more streamlined and convenient process, we are only conducting virtual consultations for new patients.